Longrich Bioscience is a multi-billion dollar company, which has been manufacturing products for itself and for other known brands such as Adidas, Unilever, Walmart, Tesco and Avon among others over the past 34 years.

Longrich has 8 research and development centres and branches across the world and its research facility in China is so large that it is considered to be its own city.

Partnering with Longrich requires you to just buy from them your daily consumables such as body cream, toothpaste, soap, roll on and other cosmetic and health care products which are of higher quality.

As you switch your brand of products this way and help others do same, the company pays you through your bank account every Thursday and also rewards you with incentives such as cars, trips abroad and a house among other amazing benefits.

Longrich says after activating your registration (during when you are given products worth the amount you paid), you are given a unique I.D number. If you refer anyone to Longrich, we will pay you a referral commission directly into your bank account. It doesn’t stop there; if the people you refer also refer others to the company just like you referred them we will also pay you additional bonus and it will continue till infinity.

In fact, the referral bonus is just one of the ways you are paid. There are several other cash bonuses you get, and these are paid to you every single week typically according to how you and your team performed in that week.  The amount you are paid depends on the total PVs generated, not by your efforts alone, but also by those of the ones you have recommended to. This is possible because every product has a corresponding point value (PV) and using these products makes you accrue the PVs.  

Longrich car awards

While enjoying your weekly income, your accrued PVs helps you attain ranks where you get rewarded with the associated incentives: cars, educational scholarships, free travels around the world and house funds worth $150,000.

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