On the 3rd of May, 2019 at a friend’s apartment in Accra, I was preparing to go have fun that I had qualified in my business. A day to the trip, I was about going to take my bath. As I got up to stretch my hands, the ceiling fan’s blades had contact with my hand and gave me a very deep cut as blood was oozing out like water. I was so afraid and wanted to rush to any nearest health facility for immediate attention as I to cover the affected area to prevent the blood from flowing.

Quickly, I remembered the Longrich toothpaste and anion strip testimony I once heard from one partner of Longrich and I quickly called my friend’s wife to bring me a fresh opened pad with the Longrich toothpaste smeared on it. I quickly washed the blood as it still kept flowing but managed to wrap it around the cut on my hand. Story goes on and on.

But the summary of the whole matter is, as at today, 14th May, less than two weeks, the cut has dried up. I didn’t even go for tetanus injection, which I believe it’s the work of the anion strip on the sanitary pad.

Thanks to God and LONGRICH for such a miraculous recovery.
Long live LONGRICH

Aaron Kuzagh (Longrich Distributor)
(+233540456775) for further enquiries.