In Longrich platform, your accumulated Point Value (PV) is mainly what determines your rankings and the corresponding incentives that come with these ranks.

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The following are ranks in Longrich, the PVs required to hit those ranks and the incentives associated with each rank.

Diamond 1720 PVs….Platinum is automatic Diamond 1 or accumulated team PVs of 720 will make you Diamond 1.

Diamond 21680 PVs…. VIP is automatic Diamond 2 or accumulated team PVs of 1680 will make you Diamond 2.

Diamond 33600 PVs

Must have at least two Diamond 2s on two of your legs. It can come from any generation of your two legs not necessarily your first generation but one from one of your legs and another from another leg.

Diamond 415,000 PVs

*Have at least two Diamond 3s on two of your legs* Incentive : Travel Incentive Points*

Diamond 575,000 PVs

Have at least two Diamond 4s on two of your legs Incentive : Travel Incentive points

Diamond 6225,000 PVs

Have at least two Diamond 5s on at least two of your legs.

Car Incentive Points + three trips abroad

Diamond 7450,000 PVs

Have 3 Diamond 5s on each of your 3 legs

 Incentives: Free Educational Scholarship to pursue first degree programme or master’s degree + House Incentives Points accumulated + $50,000.00 LUXURY SUV + at least three trips abroad.

1 Star Director : 1.5million PVs

Have Diamond 6s on each of your 3 legs

Incentives: House fund worth $150,000 + Star Director Incentive Bonus + At least three trips abroad (China and Dubai constant) + two brand new cars.

2 Star Director : 3.75 million PVs; 3 D7s on 3 different legs.

3 Star Director : 9 million PVs;1 Star Director on 3 different legs.

4 Star Director : 20Million PVs; 3 SD2s on 3 different legs.

5 Star Director : 60Million PVs; 3 SD3s on 3 different legs.

5 Star Director is the highest rank in this company.

Take Note! From Diamond 3 going is a bit technical. You must have Diamond 2 on each legs to make you Diamond 3 and so on up to Diamond 6.

For Diamond 7, you need three legs with Diamond 5 on each legs with a total PVs of 450,000 PVs

For 1 Star Director, you need three legs with Diamond 6 on each legs with a total PVs of 1.5million PVs and that applies to 2 Star Director to 5 Star Director.

So you can have the total PVs but if your legs are not balanced your rank will not reflect.  Also you can balance the legs but if the total PVs required for that rank is not up to your new rank will not reflect.

NOTE: For trips and car qualifications, apart from hitting the ranks , you can also qualify through periodic promotions released by the company, irrespective of your rank.

Example: You can qualify for a car by accumulated team Points of 80,000 and directly sponsor 2,000 points within 12 months or less.

You can qualify for Dubai trip by accumulating team points is 20,000 PVs and directly sponsor 720 points, within three months or less

The trip promotions vary depending on the destination.

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