In its efforts to boost Africa’s economy, a Chinese company by name Longrich Bioscience International, has disclosed its commitment to invest massively in the Ghanaian economy.

Addressing journalists and Longrich partners and distributors during his visit to Ghana on Monday 15th April, 2019, the President of International Market, Mr. Leon Li, intimated that, “We are confident in investing more in Ghana.”

According to Mr. Leon, the investment paradigm of the company has shifted from the Asian and American markets onto the African market, however, he underscored the need to create more opportunities for financial emancipation for Africa’s youth amidst the increasing spat of unemployment.

Expressing their optimism, he highlighted one of the successes the company has chalked in Nigeria, by establishing a $50 million manufacturing plant in Lekki Free Zone in Lagos State, Nigeria. The facility, he said, would go a long way to create jobs, attract more investment and boost Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings, and as well as an eloquent confirmation of the strategic importance of the free trade zone to the country’s economy.

The international market President, was immensely satisfied at the extent of resilience on the part of the Ghanaian partners, in making the company thrive in the country.

On the backdrop of this, he noted that, the company was going to invest more in the development of the human resource capacity in technical areas in the Ghanaian partners, far enough to take up supervisory and managerial roles in and across Africa.

Mr. Leon, further expressed his appreciation onto the local partners, stockists and distributors for their significant achievements in after four years of operations in Ghana.

He therefore exclusively disclosed to News Ghana about their intention to meet the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister on Tuesday 16th April, 2019, to confirm Longrich’s commitment to partner the government of Ghana to boost the business by establishing a factory in Ghana.

He also disclosed that, the company was going to invest in the Ghanaian local rice production, to create additional employment and as well as to cut down on the importation of rice into the country.

On his part, Mr. Nick Owusu, who has sailed through the company’s ranks to a one star Director, and a top motivational speaker and the leader of the Ghana delegation to welcome the international market president, indicated their willingness to continue to support and cooperation with the company.

Mr. Nick expatiated on how beneficial the company has become in respect to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the Ghanaian youth. Revealing that, within the four years that Longrich has been in the country, it has provided jobs to over 60,000 Ghanaian youth through the multiple level marketing (MLM) chain of the company. This he said, has made them independent and financially resilient.

A former Deputy Minister for Employment, Mr. Austin Gamey, who is a Longrich Super Stockist for Sierra Leone, charged authorities of the company to expedite their plans for the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Ghana, to serve as the hub in west African.

Mr. Andrews Cudjoe Asare, who first introduced Longrich in Ghana, also touched on the continuous enhancement of the reward scheme that highly motivates partners and distributors, especially, the housing, cars, scholarship, educational, business trip incentives and bonuses, more than once every year.

A section of the partners in an interview with News Ghana, also expressed their enthusiasm in the company’s compensation plane, and more especially the about five new products that the company is bringing onto the market which includes, baby dippers, ladies cosmetics and etc.

They reiterated that, Ghana urgently need a manufacturing plant to serve the whole of west Africa. possible. Adding that, the move was going to go a long way to change the lives of many more people in the country and beyond.

About Longrich

Longrich is a leading Chinese conglomerate focusing on development, production and provision of health and beauty products for global consumers. Since its inception in 1986, Longrich has successfully expanded its business scope to encompass nine segments cosmetics, personal care, health and well-being, wooden furniture, e-commerce, real estate, finance, organic agriculture, logistics, household service etc.

Longrich has some 12,000 employees worldwide, with Bachelors, Masters, PhD’s and experts accounting for over 35%, of doctorate students, field experts and highly trained professionals. For the past 34 years, the company has seen steady growth in both its expansion and market shares, and also contributes close to 6% of China’s GDP.

LONGRICH Bio-Science Company Limited is located in the LONGRICH Bio-Industrial Park which covers an area of more than 2000 MU (about 500 acres). Longrich boast an annual production capacity of twenty 20,000 tons of cosmetics with a production valued at 500 million Yuan per year, making Longrich one of the leading company which dominates the cosmetic industry in southern China.

Their trademark has been registered in 183 countries and products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world including Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and since 2014 in the process to expand the business to the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Ghana and the United States.

Longrich is certified with both ISO9001 International Quality System and ISO14001 International environmental protection system. In 2008, Longrich was awarded with both titles “Customers Most Trust Company and Chinese Quality of Top 500”.

In July 2009, the Ministry of Commerce of the direct selling industry management information systems announced that Jiangsu LONGRICH Bio-Science Co., Ltd has officially obtained the China’s direct selling license. Within that year, Longrich was selected as the “Best Among Top Ten Profitable Enterprises in Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry”.

Currently, Longrich has already completed the goal of establishing 8 research and development centers namely • LONGRICH (Japan) Beauty & Health Innovation Center, • LONGRICH (USA) Health & Cosmetics Research Institute, • LONGRICH French R&D Center, • Tsinghua University,• Jiangnan University (food science and technology national key laboratory), • LONGRICH Institute of Biotechnology, • LONGRICH Joint Functional Foods Research Institute, • LONGRICH (headquarter) R&D Center, • LONGRICH Post-Doctoral Research Station, and • LONGRICH Enterprise Academician Station.

For the past 34 years, Longrich had always stood fast to revitalizing the economy of China, raising the standards of the company’s scientific development while working hard to make great leaps forward towards the company’s development.

By implementing brand strategy, marketing strategy, talent strategy, science & technology strategy and management strategy, Longrich adopts modernized methods in research, in development, in production and also in marketing both products and equipment. With the recipient of the direct selling license in July 2008 from the Ministry of Commerce, a new boost of energy has been injected to the developments and plans of the corporation.

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