How to Join Longrich in Nigeria – Longrich Nigeria Registration

How to Join Longrich in Nigeria: Step 1: Determine which entry level package you want to use to register. Step 2: Register online by submitting your details through the form below. Step 3: Select products of your choice. When you sign up for Longrich, you get all your money back in products of your choice. […]

What is Longrich all About?

Longrich Bioscience is a multi-billion dollar company, which has been manufacturing products for itself and for other known brands such as Adidas, Unilever, Walmart, Tesco and Avon among others over the past 34 years. Longrich has 8 research and development centres and branches across the world and its research facility in China is so large […]

Ranks in Longrich and How to Attain Them

In Longrich platform, your accumulated Point Value (PV) is mainly what determines your rankings and the corresponding incentives that come with these ranks. Read also: How to Accumulate PVs in Longrich. The following are ranks in Longrich, the PVs required to hit those ranks and the incentives associated with each rank. Diamond 1 – 720 […]

15 Reasons Why You Should Join Longrich

Why Join Longrich? Here are just 15 of the many reasons to consider: Longrich is a 34 year old company and has been deep in research and development. Longrich has over 8 large research and development centers across the globe and is currently building a manufacturing plant in Nigeria. Longrich distributes its innovative products through […]

Longrich International To Invest In Ghana’s Local Rice Production

In its efforts to boost Africa’s economy, a Chinese company by name Longrich Bioscience International, has disclosed its commitment to invest massively in the Ghanaian economy. Addressing journalists and Longrich partners and distributors during his visit to Ghana on Monday 15th April, 2019, the President of International Market, Mr. Leon Li, intimated that, “We are […]

How to Accumulate PVs in Longrich

The Longrich platforms trades on purchase value (PV).  PV stands for Product Value or Points Value. This is the numerical value that Longrich attaches to every SINGLE unit of each product that Longrich offers. The numerical value differs from product to product. So each time you purchase a product, Longrich adds the value of that product […]

Longrich Nigeria Compensation Plan

Congratulations on finding Longrich. You are one step closer to attaining financial freedom with residual income, from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to make your dreams come true is to share the Longrich amazing business opportunity and high-quality products with others. You can build a part-time business or a […]

Longrich International to establish a manufacturing plant in Ghana

Longrich International, a Chinese manufacturing company is to establish a manufacturing plant in Ghana to serve the Ghanaian and other West African markets. The Chinese company, which contributes about six percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product, is engaged in health, cosmetics, households products and food supplements. The President of Longrich International, Leon Li, who disclosed […]

Key Facts to Know About Longrich BioScience

Longrich is a trustworthy global company based in China and has been in operation for 32 years as of 2018. The networking department of the company started in 2008 and currently produces over 2000 products. They also produce for top global brands (OEM clients) like Unilever, Wal-mart, Tesco, GSK, Samsung, Adidas, Panasonic, etc. Longrich trademark […]