1. Excellent in fighting acne and pimples
2. It relaxes the nerves
3. The coconut oil content preserves moisture and moistens the skin.
The anti-aging content reduces wrinkles , especially around the eyes region
4. It effectively cleanses and unclogs pores, eliminating impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin leaving radiant, tender and smooth.
5. It does not tone, but restores the skin complexion to its original state
6. It can be perfectly used on the skin after a shave
7. It prevents body odour
8. It contains natural anti-microbial and final properties

How to use the Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap

For the effective use of longrich bamboo soap, wet the soap with water, apply it on affected area, that is, area with blackheads, pimples and acnes or any other skin infection and spread over affected area with your palm.. Allow the bamboo soap to stay for 30mins (it’s better to apply it 30mins before having your bath). Wash off the affected area with water… You can also apply it at night after having your bath following the procedure above and allow to stay overnight, that is, rinsing it off the next day. This process enhances fast action leaving the skin extremely fresh, bright and glowing
 Remember to keep it moist on your face.
 Consistently use it, don’t miss days, especially for the evenings-over night.

Testimonies about the Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap are numerous.

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Why do some companies use network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) to market their products and services? Is there any secret? Do they want to take needless advantage of others? What do the facts show?

Network marketing is a marketing channel, just like advertising, direct mail, email and social media.

MLM is a way for a company to market its products to a segment of the population it might not reach through normal channels. It is way cheaper; they can market to a large group of people through this one person for a fraction of the cost that it would regularly take.

A traditional approach to get a product or service to the marketplace would be to spend tons of money on advertising, radio ads, TV commercials, Billboard ads, Direct Mail and more. The setback is that the company must spend a lot of money and continue to spend a lot of money because the audience does not always see the ad when it’s run. That’s why we see the commercials over and over and over again to eventually to catch our attention.

However, instead of sending their products to the malls and the shelves where they would incur larger costs paying for those services and costs of employing marketing agents, companies rather call for partners (independent distributors) who would take the business upon themselves, as their own and use word of mouth advertisement to market these products. The partners of the company behave like full time workers as they would get corresponding incentives as a result.

The entire purpose of MLM is to move a product. The theory behind MLM is that the larger the network of distributors, the more product the business will be able to sell.


Clearly, the real advantage why companies choose network marketing as a marketing channel is the low cost in promoting and advertising a product, and because commissions are only paid after a sales person sells it, that means the cash flow is only flowing out after revenues come in, a nice low cost model over and above a traditional business where the overhead is constant before the sale, as in, you pay sales people, distribution, inventory, building lease, equipment costs, while in the network marketing arena all these costs are not required.

In a network marketing platform, the company is able to use the most powerful type of advertising – the power of recommendation or word of mouth.

Now, instead of spending money on advertising, the company rewards those who get the products and services to the market place by sharing. Those advertising dollars are distributed to the people who take advantage of this model. It’s a win-win because the company only pays when someone buys. This way there is no money wasted. The products and services are shared and sold and there company gladly pays that commission to the person who did the sharing.

Obviously, if word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising, should it not be the most rewarding?

This explains why many partners get huge sums of income and incentives. It is certainly understandable!

Longrich Ghana is celebrating 4 years of transforming many lives in Ghana and beyond.

Venue Accra International Conference Center, Accra, Ghana

Date and Time: Sun Jun 30 2019 at 1:00 pm

We are inviting the general public to celebrate with us

There will be 

✅Awarding of several cars to partners

✅Awarding of Free International Trips

✅Raffle draws to award the general public who’ll attend the event

✅Announcing and recognition of new rank advancers.

✅Opportunities for new partners to be brought onboard

✅ In attendance will be leaders from all the over 189 countries

Tickets are out now at the head office and at various stockist offices.

On the 20th-21st of November [2017], FDA Agents Emmanuel Nkrumah and Hope Coffie Atilusey visited Longrich Factory for inspection.

At first, a conference was held where they saw introductions of Longrich through corporate videos, then a deep discussion was held between them and Lu Xiaoyu, the GM of the supply chain system and Ma Xiaobo, director of the Quality Management Center.

After that, they examined some of the company’s qualification documents and conducted field investigations on physical and chemical laboratories, precision instruments, microbiology laboratories, and raw material storage and made detailed records.

Finally, they wrote a summary report of the investigation and study, highly praised Longrich’s advanced production technology, sophisticated research and development and also Longrich’s beautiful environment, they also provided some valuable comments and suggestions. Officials said they will fully support the registration and promotion of Longrich’s products in the Ghana market and promote the development of Longrich in Ghana and even in Africa as a whole.

Source: Official Longrich Website

Congratulations on finding Longrich. You are one step closer to attaining financial freedom with residual income, from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to make your dreams come true is to share the Longrich amazing business opportunity and high-quality products with others. You can build a part-time business or a full-time business using this model.

Longrich compensation plan, as you will soon see, is one of the most lucrative and truly balanced compensation plans around.

Important Concepts to Know

PV = Points Value (Every Longrich product has an equivalent PV)

Generations = considered as your direct referrals.

Spillover = The distributor who is brought forward to you by your uplines and are considered part of your placement tree.

Sponsor tree = where your direct referrals are placed

Legs = groups

Reference Legs = sharing groups (not used for bonus calculation)

Level = placement of your downline.

Entry levels (How one can partner with Longrich)

You are considered a partner of Longrich (independent distributor) when you purchase Longrich’s quality products with any of the following packages:

Longrich Entry Package Costs in Nigeria

1. VIP – 1680 PVs (N750,000).  You earn 1% share of global sales + 12% weekly bonus! Registering with VIP makes you Diamond 2.

2. PLATINUM – 720 PVs (N 320,000) You earn 12% weekly bonus. Registering with VIP makes you Diamond 1.

 3. GOLD – 240 PVs (N100,000) Earn 10% weekly bonus.

 4. SILVER – 120 PVs (N 50,000) Earn 8% weekly bonus

5. Q-SILVER – 60 PVs (N 25,000) Earn 8% weekly bonus

6. STARTER PACK – 4 PVs (N 9800)

The Longrich compensation plan eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems.

Ways by Which Longrich Pays You – 10 Ways of Earning

We would classify these into two: Cash bonuses and incentive bonuses

Under Cash Bonuses, Longrich gives you Fast start bonus, Performance bonus, development bonus, retail order bonus, leadership bonus and you also earn retail profits.

For Lifetime Incentive Bonuses, Longrich rewards partners with All-Expense paid trips abroad, brand new cars, educational scholarships, and house funds.

Let’s take a close look into these bonuses:

Referral Bonus (Fast Start Bonus)

This is paid for all new registrations that come into your team, irrespective of the person’s entry level. It is paid up to the third generation as follows:

1st Gen – 12 dollars per person sponsored directly

2nd Gen – 6 dollars person sponsored by your 1st generation.

3rd Gen – 3 dollars person sponsored by your 2nd generation.

It is paid the week immediately after the registration is done.

Performance Bonus

This is the main weekly bonus in the system, paid on placement tree.

There is no limit to the number of generations you earn on.  

The percentage depends on your entry level:

Q-SILVER (60PVs) – ~8% of total PVs accumulated

SILVER (120PVs) – 8% of total PVs accumulated

GOLD (240PVs) – 10% of total PVs accumulated

Platinum (720PVs) – 12% of total PVs accumulated

VIP (1680PVs) – 12% + 1Global VIP point

It is paid on the points accumulated under your two weaker legs


Let’s assume you registered with the platinum entry level (12% performance bonus on PVs)

(As a leader, you can build 3 groups under your network)

One of your groups (one with the highest accumulated PV) is considered as the reference group and hence, not used for bonus calculations; while the 2 remaining legs will be your payout legs.

Let’s say you have accumulated the following PVs within the 1st week:

Group A (15,000 PVs),   Group B (10,000 PVs),   Group C (5,000 PVs)

Group B and C will be used for calculations as follows:

Group B = (10,000 x 12%) = 1,200 PVs

1 PV = N 200 >> Total for Group B = 1200 x 200 = N 240,000

Group C = (5,000 x 12%) = 600

1 PV = N 200 >> Total for Group B = 600x 200 = N 120,000

Total earnings for 1st week = 240000+ 120000= N 360,000 (for performance bonus alone)

Development Bonus

Paid weekly as well based on sponsor tree, and on two weaker legs.

10% bonus on every 60PVs bulk purchase in your payment legs on unlimited generations.

It is calculated as:

1unit = 60PVs = $6.00


Assuming you have the following PVs in your payment legs for the first level:

Group A = 720 PV and Group C = 60 PV

Earning on Group A = (720 x 10%) = $ 72

Earning on Group C = (60 x 10%) = $ 6

Total earnings for 1st level = $72 + $6 = $78 (for development bonus alone)

Retail Order Bonus / Maintenance Bonus

The company gives you the option to do a 30PVs cycle/monthly maintenance.

There is no limit to the number of generations you earn on.  

For each person that also does the 30PVs maintenance, you are paid $1.35 per person in your placement tree, on all three legs.

Note: This is not autoship, as there are no penalties for failing to do it: no demotion, no flushing of points, nor withholding of major bonuses, it only gives more cash and helps hit the ranks faster.

Doing your 30PVs also activates the Leadership bonus

Leadership Bonus

Paid based on your leadership rank from 10% at Diamond 1 up to 45% at Star director 5

It is calculated as a percentage of the performance bonuses paid in your sponsor tree, and it is paid on all three legs

This is paid up to the 12th generation.



Destinations: China and Dubai are constant, then USA, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Etc

You can either qualify for the trips through the periodic promotions, irrespective of your rank. Or automatically qualify for three trips when you hit DIAMOND 6.

Note that due to dual qualifications criteria, for the rest of your life, you can keep going on enjoying these trips, every year. It is not a one-time thing. It is a life long incentive.


Every year the company holds two car awards in Ghana. You can either qualify for the cars through the periodic promotions or through the ranks.

Majid Michel and Kwabena Yeboah with their car awards from Longrich

Once again, this is a life time incentive that can reward two brand new cars every single year for the rest of your life.

You can choose to take the cash value of the car.


Longrich awards three types of Scholarship

First degree in Soochow University, China or master’s degree in Regis University of Colorado, USA; at Diamond 7.

Executive MBA in US at Star director 1

It is interesting to know that scholarships can be willed to even children yet to be born.

House Awards

Longrich rewards you a house fund worth $150,000 when you attain star director 1 rank.

Joining Longrich today would be one of the best decisions you will find yourself to have made. Ready?

Longrich International, a Chinese manufacturing company is to establish a manufacturing plant in Ghana to serve the Ghanaian and other West African markets.

The Chinese company, which contributes about six percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product, is engaged in health, cosmetics, households products and food supplements.

The President of Longrich International, Leon Li, who disclosed in Accra on Monday, when he met distributors and business partners and executives of the company, as part of his visit to Africa, said the move formed part of the company’s expansion strategy.

As part of his tour, Mr Li visited Nigeria to among other things; inspect a $20-million manufacturing plant being put up in Nigeria.

Mr. Li explained that as part of the company’s expansion strategy, it was shifting its focus from Asia to Africa.

The President said the intention of the company was to use Ghana as a base to enter and serve other West Africa markets.

Ghana, he said, was one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and gateway to Africa.

“China is ready and prepared to invest more in Ghana to help boost the economy and create employment for the youth,” Li said.

He entreated the government to create a congenial environment for the company to thrive.

The President said Longrich this year would introduce new products to the company’s existing products portfolio and mentioned some of the products as energy drinks, baby diapers, perfumes, and herbal products.

A Captain of the Company, Mr Nicholas Owusu, said the Longrich International was created 33 years and has presence in 183 countries.

Since the establishment of the company in Ghana about four years ago, he said the company had created employment to hundreds of people to the country and contributed immensely to the country’s   tax revenue.

Mr Owusu called on the government to assist the company to thrive so that it can employ more people and pay more tax to enhance the revenue of government.

The Country Director of Longrich International, Andrews Cudjoe Asare said the company was manufacturing company, which manufactured a large array of products.

He said Longrich, which is one the biggest companies in China, also produced for big wholesale and retail companies across the world.

Mr Asare entreated Ghanaians to sign on to the company and distribute its products to create wealth for themselves.

The Longrich toothpaste is more than ordinary toothpaste; it is made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath.

This Longrich White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste has the following attributes: For treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath, and tooth decay. Highly effective for every tooth without any future side effect when you discontinue.

  • Fluorine-free, tooth decay resistant, makes your mouth healthy and clean.
  • The combination of TCS and soft abrasive makes your mouth clean and healthy.
  • The blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract protects gum and strengthens your teeth at the root.
  • It does not contribute to tooth decay and reduces tooth cavity.
  • It abrasive to clean teeth, remove plaque and it has dispersant properties.
  • It contains the mineral supplement required by a living organism.
  • It contains strontium chloride hexahydrate to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and helps in building bone.
  • It is a testimony for people with tooth problems.

Virtually all users of the Longrich Fluoride-free toothpaste have confessed that it is incomparable. My brother used it and told me that he has been using varieties of brands of toothpaste, but would humbly acknowledge that there is no better toothpaste than the Longrich toothpaste.

The following is a testimonial:

I am 42 yrs old and have extracted two of my teeth but the pains would not stop so I was sad and helpless when my dentist suggested the 3rd extraction which I vehemently refused.

One day in an eatery I heard Uzoma discussing with some people about the paste which I later bought from him.

On the first night I used the paste the pains stopped instantly, my gum which has been badly damaged was healed but the one that surprises me most was that the tooth which would have been forcefully removed fell off on its own without pains on a Sunday night as I was eating a plate of rice. I thank God for Longrich for such a wonderful product.

I would highly recommend everybody especially those with tooth problems to use Longrich toothpaste.

Ifunanya M.N.

How have you benefited from the Longrich Toothpaste? Write your reviews and indicate your rating below.

Longrich is a trustworthy global company based in China and has been in operation for 32 years as of 2018. The networking department of the company started in 2008 and currently produces over 2000 products. They also produce for top global brands (OEM clients) like Unilever, Wal-mart, Tesco, GSK, Samsung, Adidas, Panasonic, etc. Longrich trademark is registered in over 180 countries and has business operations in over 40 countries including China, America Japan, Thailand, Italy Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, etc. Certified by ISO (International standard organization), NAFDAC, HACCP, FDB, etc.

Longrich headquarters inn China

LONGRICH have over 2000 products but some of them are as follows:

HIGH TECH:  Energy Cup, Energy Pot

PERSONAL CARE:  Fluoride-free Toothpaste, Mouthfreshner, Bodywash, Deodorant, Bamboo soap, Bodycream, Mosquito proof spray etc.

HEALTH CARE:  NutriVrich Drink, Green Tea, Cordyceps, Calcium (milk coated), Libido-potent Wine, Sanitary Napkin & Pantyliner, etc.

Key Facts About Longrich

1. Longrich has been in operation since 1986.

2.   One of the largest Manufacturing Company in the whole of Asia.

3.   Heavy investment in research (Research Institutes in China, France, USA and Japan).

4 .   Quality, affordable and highly effective and daily consumable products.

5.    Generous compensation plan that leads to financial freedom.

6.    Earn weekly bonuses in US$ (paid on green thursdays) according to team activity.

7.    No pressure and no target as well.

8.    Only 3 direct partners is required (first generation).

9.    Minimum of 2 direct partners can enable you achieve financial freedom.

10.  Earn bonuses on all generations till infinity.

11.  2.5%  Worldwide Incentives for foreign paid trips, brand new cars and furnished homes.

12.  Point Value (PV) are cumulative; both from you and your team’s effort.

Watch the video below for an overview of Longrich and drop your comments or reviews below:

Longrich International, a global conglomerate in manufacturing and services is set to expand in Ghana as it provides jobs for over 60,000 Ghanaian youths.

As part of its expansion, Longrich International, headquartered in China, has planned to build a factory in Ghana, and introduce more of its products onto the Ghanaian market.

Established 33 years ago and currently operating in 60 countries, the company, which thrives on a network of local partners, stockists and a product distribution award scheme, focuses on the development, production and provision of health and beauty products, furniture, e-commerce, real estate, finance, organic agriculture, logistics and household services for global consumers.

A section of Longrich Partners

The 60,000 beneficiaries are involved in a network of stocking, distribution and sale of the company’s products across the country.

“We are confident of investing more in Ghana,” said Mr. Leon Li, President of Longrich International, during an interaction with the company’s Ghanaian partners and distributors, in Accra on Monday as part of his visit to Ghana.

Mr. Nick Owusu (right) making his remarks

Mr. Li, who is in Ghana as part of his African investment tour, said the company, has shifted its focus from the Asian and American markets to Africa since there was a need for help in creating jobs for African youths.

Citing the ongoing construction of its 50million dollar factory in Nigeria as indicative of its commitment to invest more in Africa, the President noted that Ghana was key on the agenda of the company.

Longrich Partners

In addition, he said the company was committed to helping to develop the human resource capacity in technical areas in Ghana and would invest more in that respect.

He commended the local partners, stockists and distributors for the significant achievements in after four years of operations in Ghana.

Mr Nick Owusu, the leader of the Longrich partners in Ghana, welcoming the President to the country, assured the company of their continued cooperation and support, describing the relationship as a “win-win situation.”

He said the operations of Longrich in Ghana, has become very beneficial in providing jobs for the youth.

“Since establishing Longrich Ghana four years ago, our operations have been mitigating the problem of youth unemployment,” he said.

Mr Austin Gamey, a former deputy Employment Minister, who is a Longrich Super Stockist for Sierra Leone, urged the company to speed up plans for the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Ghana.

That, he said, was because Ghana would not have enough products from the plant in Nigeria considering the large population of that country that that factory would have to serve.

“Ghana needs a plant as soon as possible,” he told the Longrich president.

Mr. Andrews Cudjoe Asare, Founder of Longrich in Ghana, lauded the continuous enhancement of the reward scheme for partners and distributors, citing the award of houses, cars, scholarship and sponsored educational and business trips, as very motivating.

“With its expansion in Ghana, Longrich has the potential of changing the lives of many more people,” he said.