Why Join Longrich? Here are just 15 of the many reasons to consider:

  1. Longrich is a 34 year old company and has been deep in research and development. Longrich has over 8 large research and development centers across the globe and is currently building a manufacturing plant in Nigeria.
  2. Longrich distributes its innovative products through highly motivated independent distributors using networking marketing method, but unlike other network marketing companies it offers greater profitability and flexibility.
  3. Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday (household items or daily consumables), all that is required of you is to switch your brand and by so doing, you establish a goldmine in your home. LONGRICH products are highly effective. Testimonies from the end users of our products has kept us from the crowd. Satisfied customers also recommend or introduce the products to their friends, family, colleagues, associations etc. In other words, LONGRICH pays you for using these products and sharing it with others!!!
  4.  Longrich has a catalogue of daily consumable products, affordable and of excellent in quality. LONGRICH Products are purely organic and has the highest standard certification (ISO) globally and offers you a better lifestyle with mind blowing earnings!
  5. In LONGRICH, you earn in Seven interesting ways: Performance bonus
     Development bonus
     Leadership bonus
     Repeat order bonus
     Platinum VIP incentive
     Worldwide incentive
     Star director incentive
  6. No registration fee. You simply begin by purchasing products worth an entry level.
  7. No compulsory monthly purchases or targets. Only a one-off investment.
  8. No time frame, no pressure. You work at your own pace. The excitement is in achieving financial freedom through this opportunity offered by Longrich, if you decide to become a partner/distributor.
  9. Monthly promos available
  10. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
  11. Teamwork is paramount. You are not working alone. You earn more leveraging on the performance of your team.
  12. Bonus earnings are paid directly to your bank account weekly, (every Thursday). You earn bonuses to your very last generation. It’s an unending stream.
  13. You have 5 months to win a brand new car and it’s been proven to be more than achievable. SUVs are also available for give away
  14. Unlimited ability to win all expense paid international trips. Houses () are also available for give away.
  15. It’s a business that has not been spreading very fast in Ghana with most cities yet untapped.

It is important to note that LONGRICH is not a get rich quick scheme! With commitment, team work and the support associated with Longrich, your financial fortunes will change forever.

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